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Star Wars Day Admiral Ackbar Cupcakes

It’s no secret that I love Admiral Ackbar. When I was a little girl, weekends with my dad meant free reign over Blockbuster. I was allowed to rent 2-3 movies, and I’d spent the entire weekend eating take out and/or Kraft macaroni and cheese, holed up in my room watching weird/macabre/classic ’80s and ’90s kids movies on my little portable TV. From The Last Unicorn and Beetlejuice to The Labyrinth and the original Star Wars trilogy, I really liked dark and twisty movies — especially anything with a borderline-creepy puppet. So, obviously, I loved Admiral Ackbar.

Admiral Ackbar Cupcakes

That love has only grown over the past twenty-odd years of my life, and culminated in Alexei‘s 2012 Christmas gifts: the beginning of a beautiful Ackbar collection. Lego keychain? Got it. Talking plush toy? Also got it. Etsy watercolor painting? YOU BET.

Admiral Ackbar Cupcakes

I’ve mentioned that I’m not really a baker. I can sometimes finagle my way through a recipe, but I am usually shit when it comes to decorating. And even with this endeavor, which turned out surprisingly well, I nearly had a nervous breakdown when it got to the icing part. Luckily, I had Alexei to a) suggest mini Nilla wafers b) tell me to chill out, and eventually everything came together!

Admiral Ackbar Cupcakes

These cupcakes were 100% inspired (read: stolen) from the uber talented JustJenn. I used my trusty cinnamon cupcakes recipe, whipped up a simple cinnamon buttercream, and stuffed the cupcakes with Mexican chocolate pudding. I brought these little fellas to my friend Alex‘s Cinco de Mayo slash May the Fourth party. Amidst colored lightsaber taquitos, Wedge Antilles Wedge and Chilies (yep), and tons of delicious dips, Admiral Ackbar fit in just fine.

Did you do anything for May the Fourth? Sound off in the comments below!

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