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Cornbread Muffins

Let’s continue our week of Sunday night dinner recipes with… *drumroll* corn bread muffins! I’m so glad I decided to make these muffins instead of some sort of skillet creation, because I would have eaten the whole thing. This Martha Stewart recipe suggested the muffin trick, but doesn’t include a different baking time if you choose to switch it up. I learned that the hard way when my first batch of muffins burned up a bit.

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Classic Coleslaw

This week on Pop & Sizzle we’ll be making a decadent, summery Sunday night dinner, in four parts. Each dish ranges from the super easy — coleslaw — to the time-consuming-but-still-pretty-easy –baby back ribs, y’all!

Alexei and I are also going pescetarian for the entire month of May (more on that next week), so what better way to kick that off than with some finger-lickin’ good ribs?

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WonderCon 2014

WonderCon 2014

Hello, friends! Yes, I’m still alive. Still, somehow, moving things out of my apartment, and still busier than I ever expected to be as a mere freelance writer. Last weekend I had the immense pleasure of attending my very first WonderCon for Nerdist, and boy, did I end up with a lot of loot.

I’ve done ComicCon before, but WonderCon is a nice little slice of ‘Con without all the chaos of heading down to San Diego. Throughout the weekend I attended panels (GARY OLDMAN YOU GUYS), perused the booths and artists’ alley, admired the incredible cosplay, interviewed some great people, and even ended up buying a few little knick-knacks, prints and gifts. (For more photos of the event, check out the galleries I shot for Static Beach.)


Saturday was deemed “the day Rachel fangirled herself to death” — I got to see exclusive WonderCon footage of the upcoming Godzilla film, sat only a few feet away from GARY LOVE-OF-MY-LIFE OLDMAN, and interviewed the cast of Bob’s Burgers. Keep an eye out for some of my upcoming WonderCon coverage for Nerdist here.

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Moving Wishlist: Bedroom

(via Apartment Therapy)

There’s nothing quite like a move to send you on an emotional roller coaster. On the one hand, you’ve got to pack up your entire life, sort through all that extra junk you don’t need, and wrap endless kitchenware in newspaper. Even if you ultimately decide to hire movers, like I did, you can’t really escape the packing… not unless you want to trust someone to sort through your books, clothes, and Admiral Ackbar action figures, at least. Once you’re all moved in, you still have to go back to the old place and grab anything you’ve missed, and then… there’s the cleaning. Oh, the cleaning. I still haven’t gotten around to that yet, but it’s coming.

The exciting part about moving is, of course, the unpacking. The decorating. The endless pouring through magazines and their modern counterpart, Apartment Therapy, for ideas and inspiration. Though my new bedroom is currently a collection of boxes and bags, eventually it will be a new space just for me. In honor of that perfect, future set-up, here are a few of the things on my moving wishlist.


1. Luminous Dots Pillow 2. Round Captain’s Mirror 3. Between a Rock Lamp Base 4. Accordion Side Table


(via Advice From a Twenty Something)

Although I’m definitely not the crafty sort, I will be attempting a few Ikea hacks this time around. Wish me luck!

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Style Envy: Carrie Brownstein

Carrie Brownstein

Way back in the early aughts when I still had braces and was made up entirely of knees and elbows, there was a time that I considered myself a punk. Let me be clear: I was most definitely NOT a punk. I was an angsty, shy thing stuck at an all girls school who furrowed her brows, blew out her eardrums with a combo of mid-nineties riot grrrl music and Elliott Smith (balance), and decided to wear all black whenever possible.

Carrie Brownstein

During this period, I listened to bands like The Distillers, Bikini Kill, and Sleater Kinney. You know. As angry teenage girls do. When Sleater Kinney guitarist and singer Carrie Brownstein popped up on IFC’s Portlandia alongside Fred Armisen, I was thrilled. Carrie Brownstein had been a hero of mine, and to watch her share her very deliberate, very adorable comedy has been a real treat. She also has become somewhat of a style icon in my book, and pulls off that ‘look’ I’m often going for.

Carrie Brownstein

Carrie Brownstein’s style is a perfect combo of feminine and edgy, with floral prints, clunky boots, and punk undertones. She’s also rocking the sort of short ‘do that I’d probably attempt if I were brave enough to chop off my hair. (Biiiig if.)

Carrie Brownstein

We’re even into the same bright lipsticks! Obviously Carrie and I are meant to be BBFs, and maybe she’d even let me raid her closet. We’ll just ignore the fact that she’s cute and petite and I’m a giant. Minor detail.

Also, she’s good friends with Aimee Mann and St. Vincent’s Annie Clark, so I’d totally have an in with that awesome friend group. Brunch, anyone?