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Gael Garcia Bernal & ‘Side Effects’

Gael Garcia Bernal

A few weeks ago, I conducted my very first on-camera interview for Buzzine. I’ve been doing various types of interviews – one-on-ones, group roundtables, press conferences, email speed dates and phoners – but for some reason on-camera was something that terrified me. The silliest part is that I’m not even IN the video interviews once they’re cut and edited. It’s all the talent. Nevertheless, if I can find the most miniscule to obsess about, I will. And I did.

It didn’t help that I’d be interviewing Gael Garcia Bernal, aka one of the prettiest (and tiniest) men in the world, and his most recent collaborator, director Pablo Larrain. I watched his phenomenal, Oscar nominated film No and worked through my questions in the week before the interview. It went much like any other; I found my way to a Beverly Hills hotel, checked in with the publicist, and began the waiting game – ample time to freak out. Luckily, by the morning of the interview I had passed through my anxiety into a zen-like state of calm. I was going to do it, I had to do it, and panicking wasn’t going to do me any good.

Unlike text only interviews where you might get a chance to chat with your interviewees, the TV ones are a total blur. You get five minutes with the talent if you’re lucky, and then the camera man will tap you on the shoulder and you’re done. As I am someone who has been likened to Alice in Wonderland (too tall for a tiny little house), I of course bumped my head on the boom when I walked in to meet Pablo. I blazed through my questions and got out of there feeling fairly confident… until I walked into Gael’s room. Blinded by hot lights and Gael’s sculpted-from-the-gods smile, somehow I kept myself from being tongue-tied and got the answers I wanted.

All in all, I am very proud of my first on-camera interview, and a lot less nervous about the next one. Check it out: my Buzzine Video Interview with Gael Garcia Bernal & Pablo Larrain!


Gael Garcia Bernal
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