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Friday Faves: 25th Birthday

25th Birthday!

Happy Friday, y’all. For this week’s Friday Fave, I wanted to travel back in time… about a month. As you may or may not know, I turned 25 in March. After a week of nonstop screenings, interviews, Shiner, networking (ok, parties), little sleep, and an absurd amount of brisket, I landed in LA the day after my birthday (and 1-year anniversary with my boyfriend). I was bleary-eyed and delirious, but I refused to let that stop me from celebrating – and cooking! Here are five photos that sum up the night.

25th Birthday!

Meatballs. Oh yes. Party meatballs with a hint of chipotle. I’ll get around to sharing that recipe on the blog sometime soon – people seem to like them. I also made caramelized onion dip, goat cheese and sun dried tomato crostini, and spanakopita bites (similar to the crabby snacks I made for the Oscars, but with spinach and feta). After throwing a few parties with, more often than not, themed dishes, I’ve learned a bit on how to manage my menu.

If you can prepare most of your snacks in advance, all you have to do is pop a few baking trays in the oven and you won’t be scrambling to get everything finished. Unfortunately, this was not the case at my birthday. People showed up on time (damn them!) and I still had to maneuver a few¬†hors d’oeuvres. Luckily, I had Jamie on my side. She and her boyfriend Nick brought birthday decorations, deviled eggs, booze, and best of all, jello shots!

25th Birthday!

We slurped down a few before anyone arrived, doled them out to new guests, and they even served as a silly birthday cake substitute. I was never a jello shot girl in college (I think I had them twice), so they were a fun treat.

You know you’re doing something right when all your friends bring you food on your birthday. It seemed like everyone brought me something homemade and fantastic, from confetti cookies and mocha cream puffs to brie-stuffed pita bites and mini grilled cheeses.

Alexei made perhaps the best party food of the night – Andes mint chocolate cookies. Oh boy. These were sinful. I wanted to scoop them up and hide them in my room. In fact, I’ve been pestering him to do a guest blog… maybe I’ll get another batch all to myself sometime soon!

25th Birthday!

He also made some breaded, buttery fried cauliflower, one of the many items not pictured here. I think it’s another successful mark of a good party when you’re so busy enjoying your friends, you forget to take photos of your food. (Even me, a painfully obnoxious foodstagrammer!)

All in all, 25 was pretty rad. Thanks to everyone who made it out, and made me feel, you know, loved.

25th Birthday!

Thanks to Jamie for the photos, birthday help, and jello shots!

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