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Friday Faves: Cinco de Mayo


When it comes to planning parties, I am a little bit of a mess. Sure, they usually turn out alright in the end, but I have a tendency to go overboard with food and no matter how much prep work I do beforehand, I am always running late! For last weekend’s Cinco de Mayo potluck I hosted with Jamie, I made restaurant-style red salsa, queso fundido, mango salsa, chicken salsa verde, blood orange margaritas, and dulce de leche stuffed cinnamon cupcakes, and despite an entire day of cooking the day before, I was still unshowered and scrambling to frost cupcakes by the time Jamie came over to set up her lovely decorations. Luckily, this was a team effort, and everything came together for a fantastic Cinco de Mayo Sunday… Here’s what we made!


Queso Fundido, from Bon Appetit.



Jamie‘s Sangria & Blood Orange Margaritas.



Mango Salsa & Restaurant Style Salsa, from The Brown Eyed Baker.


Jamie‘s Carnitas & Chicken Chile Verde, from SkinnyTaste.


This was a potluck, so our friends brought horchata, eight layer dip, nachos, and a little piñata stuffed with ginger candy and tea! There were also cupcakes. Churro cupcakes. What’s a churro cupcake you ask? Tune in next week to find out!

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